Reality TV

Reality TV, where do I start. From The Bachelor, to Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives and the Real Housewives, we cant escape the shallow existence that is reality TV.  We no longer have heroes, or idols. Television is saturated with insecure, promiscuous men and women fighting, crying, cheating on one another, anything for attention and money. The  lifestyles being  portrayed are false, they spend a large amount of time pretending to have perfect lives….filled with drama, because others are extremely jealous of how perfect their life is. Huh?

Shows like The Real World were the beginning of reality TV. Suddenly people with ordinary lives were no longer interesting, it became more about idolizing the rich and famous, it girls, and the train wreck that ensued. The networks saw huge profits with the millions of people becoming addicted to the cheap thrills of watching other people do scandalous things just for ratings.

What amazes me is that reality TV viewers are getting younger and younger. My eight year old son couldn’t stop saying “ you are not the father!” after accidentally seeing part of a segment of the Maury Show. We must keep in mind that we as parents have a responsibility to be more vigilant in using parental controls, some of these shows “send the wrong messages to young people trying to understand their place in the world” and we should be concerned enough to make sure they get a healthy dose of programming that doesn’t spotlight a world rife with sexual situations, focused obsessively on physical attractiveness and dominated by competition, scheming, humiliation and voyeurism — clearly not the core values most adults would like to impart to the next generation.”


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